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Reading The Internet

My head is spinning. I have spent the last couple of hours reading the internet, specifically looking at salmon fishing statistics in Nova Scotia and trying to determine if there really is a recreational salmon fishing opportunity in Nova Scotia or if it is mostly smoke and mirrors.

One website to me to another to another and wow…

However, all is not lost. I have happily connected with a fellow fly fisher I haven’t seen in years, and I have a potential coffee meeting in the near future with another fisherman to discuss the state of salmon fishing in my own little baliwick.

Yup, the internet is a wonderful thing. What isn’t wonderful is trying to make sense of the gobble-deee-gook that the federal and provincial fisheries departments put on their respective websites.

I was always taught that material intended for the public should be written at around a grade school level, like grade 10 maximum. Well they must be teaching them a lot more in grade ten these days if they are expected to understand the info provided.

I think the name of the game in the fisheries business must be to use a lot of technical jargon and links back and forth to each other’s websites without actually providing too much information that is easily understood.

It is all in the name of what I call “dual responsibility” or “split responsibility” or perhaps “shared responsibility” for the same thing. One department says that the other is responsible for that facet and back and forth it goes. I have concluded it isn’t easy to find out any real information probably because nobody really knows it anyway.

To be fair, in some respects I wasn’t sure what I was looking for anyway, which makes it difficult to find something, but on the other hand, I had an idea I would know it when I saw it. Kinda of like hunting for moose when you don’t know what a moose looks like, you will know one when you see it.

That was my day, what about you?

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