Coyotes In The News Again

coyoteIt’s easy to see that it’s winter again, even if the weather doesn’t exactly prove it.

Coyote Sightings

What does prove that winter is here is the upswing in coyote sightings of one form or another. It’s that time of year again, time for the coyotes to get in the news.

I am no expert about anything as my disclaimer says, but I am sure the increase in coyote sightings has something to do with the time of year. Maybe food is a little more difficult to obtain in winter, leading coyotes closer to urban areas in search of a bite to eat. The closer to civilization, the more greater the number of coyote sightings.

In addition to food supplies, I truly believe coyotes are smart enough to figure out that they seldom get shot at in the city, as opposed to the country where the chances of encountering a person with a gun are increased…wait a minute, what am I saying? According to the crime reports, everyone in the city must be packing a gun….but I am digressing.

In December of 2011 coyotes attacked three dogs in Oromocto. Obviously coyotes like Oromocto…For example, just the other day a coyote killed and ate a deer in a backyard in Oromocto New Brunswick. Unfortunately for that particular not-so-wiley-coyote, officials dispatched him a shortly there after…

Denver Coyotes

The Denver News Channel reports that a couple days ago, a coyote attacked a dachshund in its back yard in Jefferson County. Ironically this was the second time in nine months that same dog was attacked. He survived this attack too.

Texas Coyotes

A couple days ago the Hays Free Press in Texas announced that Coyotes Are Coming Closer after several recent sightings, many of them in urban or city areas and in daylight.

Wisconsin Coyotes

The Cap Times reports that in Madison, Wisconsin, three days ago, another dashshund was attacked in its backyard.

This one wasn’t so lucky, he was carried off by the coyote and not found. Apparently dashshunds are a delicacy for coyotes.

A Google search turned up about a half dozen more reports involving coyotes in the month of December, most of them in the United States. These are more than coyote sightings, these were encounters of some sort.

Coyotes Nova Scotia Bounty

Apparently we’ve no worries here in Nova Scotia. Gary Fisher, president of the Trappers Association of Nova Scotia, told CBC News that coyote numbers are down so far this year.

According to Gary Fisher, Nova Scotia trappers are not catching as many coyotes in the places they did last year leading to the assumption that the Nova Scotia Coyote Bounty is working, but as in all things mother nature and scientific, it is too early to make such assumptions.

2600 Coyotes Killed In Nova Scotia 2010

In 2010 Nov Scotia trappers turned in 2600 coyote pelts collecting about $50,000 in bounty money, spread over about 300 trappers.

To date, wildlife biologists with Nova Scotia’s Department of Natural Resources haven’t said what if any impact the bounty has had on the coyote numbers. However coyote trapping in Nova Scotia sounds relatively profitable.

In case you have forgotten, or just need a gentle reminder, here are some tips for avoiding coyote problems in your neck of the woods. This is what Oromocto officials are advising Oromoctonians.(I just wanted an excuse to write “Oromoctonians”)

Dealing With Coyotes

Notes in italics are mine
Never approach or touch a coyote. (duh…if you do you deserve problems..)
Always give it an escape route.
Back away and remain calm. (easier said than done)
Do not turn your back on, or run from, a coyote.
If the coyote advances, respond aggressively by waving your arms, shouting, throwing rocks or sticks, and maintaining eye contact.
Carry a flashlight and a loud alarm or whistle to scare off coyotes. (I suggest a stout walking stick is a good idea to have with you as well and if that stout walking stick shoots bullets…Ha ha just kidding…)
Do not let dogs chase coyotes.

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