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Build A Firewood Rack

Storing Firewood

If you burn wood you know the importance of storing firewood where it is dry and has some air circulation. It’s not enough just to pile it up and forget it, as it will dry much better if it is off the ground, protected from moisture, with good air circulation.

At the cottage I stack firewood on wooden pallets, covered with a tarp. However, I have never been happy with the firewood pallet stacking system I use because it tends to fall over easily as you remove the pieces of firewood.

I have been thinking it’s time to build a firewood rack that would be a helpful addition to the cottage. A firewood rack will help to keep the wood off the ground, allow for air circulation and make it easy to cover with a tarp.

It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to build a half-decent firewood rack, but if have some pre-made brackets, it becomes much easier. And if you are a carpenter instead of a rocket scientist, it would be really simple. However, not all of us are carpenters or rocket scientists…so…

Build A Firewood Rack

With this firewood stacking system from 2X4basics, you can build a firewood rack quite easy regardless of whether you are a carpenter or a rocket scientist.

All you do is add the 2X4 lumber, follow the instructions add a little bit of labour and you can have a sturdy, functional 8 feet wide and 4 feet tall rack for storing firewood.
"firewood rack"
The 2x4basics 90144 Firewood Rack System is easy to assemble. Only straight, 90-degree cuts are required–no miters or angles–and all the necessary hardware is included with the kit.

What I like about this build a firewood rack system is that it is customizable to allow you to create any design you want, and by adding additional kits, you can build a rack with multiple sections. Keep your kindling or larger logs separate and easy to reach when needed.
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These kits, which contain two brackets, assembly instructions, and hardware cost about $12.99. Even when you factor in the cost of the 2X4 lumber, it is still much cheaper than a pre-built firewood rack, and you have the satisfaction of building it yourself.
"firewood rack"
You can find out more about this firewood rack here: 2x4basics 90144 Firewood Rack System, Black

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