Blog Changes

Frequent readers to The Cottage Chronicles will notice that things have changed a bit around here.

Yes, we have made some format changes including, turning from what was essentially a “blog” format to a website format. Yup, we’ve stepped into the big time around here.

Well not exactly. Blogs are not that much different from websites and for all intents and purposes a blog is a website.

I brought in a team of experts from three different countries and seven nationalities to update things around here. There is nothing better than a team of experts…..

So what has happened? Not much really. You will find that the main page of The Cottage Chronicles is “static” that is, it will not have the most recent post in full. Instead there will be a link to the most recent or featured post, along with links to our latest posts and most popular posts.

This will help with some issues I was having with google’s duplicate content, as well as improve the navigation and hopefully make it easier to navigate around.

At the same time I have added a new photo page, you can find it at the top of the page, under, “Photos:

If you just want to read The Cottage Chronicles blog the same as usual, you can do that too, it’s in the top menu bar as well, “Cottage Chronicles Blog”

That’s about it, I am still tweaking some things, but for the most part we’re pretty much switched over. If you encounter any issues, I’d appreciate it if you let me know.

Thanks for reading The Cottage Chronicles

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