Black Bears Theme Decorations

Along the same lines as our previous couple of posts featuring moose themed decor for your cottage, how about some bears? Bears are very popular and despite their potential ferocity, they have a “cute” thing going on at the same time. That provides lot’s of opportunity for bear decorations.

Bears Theme

These bear decorations are all relatively inexpensive, but add a little black bear to the room, whatever room you choose to make your “Black Bear Room”

For starters what about a River’s Edge Unique Poly Resin Design Cute Bear Toilet Paper Holder This cute little fellar holds a standard roll of toilet paper and smiles at your guests.

Perhaps you want to bring some bears into the kitchen, that’s dooable, especially with this River’s Edge Beautiful Tempered Glass Cutting Board with Mama Black Bear and Cubs Design (12 x 16-Inch)
This lovely picture of a mama bear and her cubs resists stains, heat, bacteria and odors, and it is made from tempered glass making it virtually unbreakable and dishwasher safe.

Whenever you are creating a theme room it’s the little details that count the most, and they are the things that make people say, “Wow!” as they discover the theme details. For example, in the bathroom or kitchen, these Bear Bath Towel Rack Ring is one of those special little “details” that really make a difference.

I know I was trying to keep costs down for our bears theme cottage room, but what could be better than a Black Bear Etched Mirror This framed 27″ X 15″ mirror features the artwork of famed artist Randy McGovern, and his depiction of a mother bear and her cubs.

We had a moose lamp in our previous post about moose themed decor, so why not have a bears theme lamp or two in your room dedicated to the wild bear, one of the true symbols of the wilderness.

This bear table lamp is made with a black walnut finish and a tan faux leather bell lampshade lends a cozy glow to any room along with the bear themed room decor.
This is the North Woods Standing Bear Black Table Lamp

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