What Day Is This?

What Day Is This

Since I retired I find myself asking Wendy, “What day is this?” I suppose it’s not all that important given that in a sense, everyday is Saturday when you are retired, but still it is nice to have some idea of the day of the week, if only to make sure that I don’t miss my favorite television shows like Blue Bloods and Flashpoint.

I find that not particularly knowing the day of the week tends to make time fly past faster as well. Perhaps that is why retired folks often remark on the fact that they don’t know how they found time to work. There is always something to do and something going on. I have to admit, I am one of those people who doesn’t know how he found time to work.

That’s why I found this Contemporary Dayclock so cool…This clock not only tells you the time, it tells you the day, a great thing to glance at it and be reminded that it’s Friday, the weekend is here!!

If you are like me, or know someone who doesn’t know what day it is…get them one of these day clocks and they won’t always be asking, “What day is this?” You can order one here: Contemporary Dayclock

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