Travel Week

Travel Week

Well this is the first time in 13 days I have been able to post from home. We’ve just returned from a whirlwind travel tour of the Eastern United States and Canada. Our travel all started when we left for Bangor, Maine 13 days ago to be on board for Black Friday Shopping. Our travels included New Brunswick, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Quebec and Ontario. Some places we stopped along the way, others we saw more or less on the fly, just passing through.

Comfort Inns

Along the way as we travel, we stayed in several different hotels, but predominately Comfort Inns became our home away from home. The prices at Comfort Inn Hotels is quite reasonable, the facilities in all the ones we stayed in were comfortable and clean. They also offered a complimentary breakfast each morning that was invaluable for those of us who were up and on the way fairly early each morning. I recommend Comfort Inns for anyone travelling.

We also had a great stay with my Kim and Jason in Ottawa. They made us feel very welcome, gave us the run of their place and made sure we had plenty to eat. They also took us do to a little sightseeing, particularly, as I mentioned in my previous post, a visit to the Canadian War Museum.

Heading For Home

But, all things must come to an end, so Sunday morning we said our good-byes and headed for home. Originally we had intended to take a route home that would have avoided driving through Montreal. However, as it was Sunday morning, traffic was light, we decided to be brave and take Montreal traffic face on, driving right through. I am glad we did. Not only did it save a lot of time, the traffic was light, and the roads excellent. Armed with our Tom Tom GPS Navigator we cruised through Montreal like we knew what we were doing.

Because we were in no rush, we stopped in Edmunston, New Brunswick, at a Comfort Inn, and stayed the night. The next day we drove through New Brunswick, a long gruelling drive, although the roads are excellent and the weather good, those endless boring roads of the Transcanada Highway do tend to take their toll. So we were off the road a little early yesterday, ending our day in yet another Comfort Inn hotel, this time in Moncton, New Brunswick. Another good night, even though the couple in the room next to us had quite an argument throughout the evening. Once my head hit the pillow, I didn’t hear a sound.

And today we landed back home in good old Nova Scotia. Don’t let anyone tell you that it isn’t great in Nova Scotia. I’ve seen quite a few places in the past 13 days and Nova Scotia is as good as any of them, and better than most.

The trip was fun, it was great to spend some time with Kim and Jason, got some shopping done, saw some of the world, and home safe and sound. What more could a guy ask for?

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