"take down buck saw"

Trail Blazer Take Down Buck Saw

Sometime ago, I came into possession of a Trail Blazer Take-Down Buck Saw and it has become a staple in my outdoor adventures. I take it along on hunting trips and many other excursions into the great outdoors.

Designed For Outdoors Persons

The compact Trail Blazer Take Down Buck Saw, designed for the serious outdoor person and off-roader or snowmobile enthusiast, has proven itself over and over again.

"The Trail Blazer Buck Saw"
My original Trail Blazer Buck Saw With Extra Blades

I frequently use it for cutting a trail to a tree stand and I often use it around the camp. I’ve used mine for many years and it is as sharp today as it was new. I also occasionally use it around home for cutting part way through bar stool legs to have a little practical joke fun at a party….
"take down buck saw"
Sawing the legs off a bar stool with my Trail Blazer

Trail Blazer Take Down Buck Saw

The Trail Blazer Take-Down Buck Saw is made of a strong anodized aluminum frame with stainless steel parts throughout. The real genius of this saw is it’s light weight (19 oz.) and it’s take-down ability.

The Trail Blazer Take Down Buck Saw has 5 compact and convenient parts that collapse into it’s own handle (a 1-1/4″ diameter aluminum tube) with the ability to store multiple blades. (I have a general purpose blade and bone/meat saw blade)

By taking the saw down and putting it into it’s cylindrical handle, it takes up minimal space in your knapsack or fastened to your four wheeler.

The Brainchild Of Curtis Levangie

The Trail Blazer Take Down Buck Saw was the brainchild of Curtis Levangie, an entrepeneur, and a serious outdoorsman in his own right.

Around 1987, Curtis recognized the need for a portable, take-down saw designed for use in the outdoors, that was small and lightweight to take along on his excursions, yet tough enough to do whatever needed being done.

It took Curtis until 1990 to work out the design and details of the take-down buck saw, but when he did, there was nothing going to hold him back. From humble beginnings, Curtis, later joined by his son, Shawn, brought his saw to market. No small feat for anyone in todays business world.

This time of year, (Christmas) the compact saw would be perfect to take along on your Christmas tree hunting trip, good for sawing down a tree or sawing a few inches off the bottom to make it fit in your living room.

Source Canada Award

By 1995, the Trail Blazer Take-Down Buck Saw received the Source Canada Award (excellence in Manufacturing) and it is now available across the world in locations including Mountain Equipment Co-op, Home Hardware Stores, Lee Valley Tools, L.L. Bean and Wal-Mart and the list is growing.

I can see why this buck saw would have an excellent reputation. I have field tested mine for many years now, and it hasn’t let me down yet. As I mentioned, it is part of my hunting gear that I never leave home without. In addition it comes in handy around the camp. The buck saw “takes down” just as the company describes and it goes together easily, once you have it figured out….took me a little time at first, probably because I didn’t read the directions, but once you do it one time, it’s simple.

Many Trail Blazer Products Available

Along with their now famous buck saw, the company, Trail Blazer Products, with Curtis’ son, Shawn Levangie now serving as President, have close to 50 Trail Blazer products in their catalogue, including loppers, shears, pruners and trimmers, saws, knives, garden hoes, weeders, rakes and hatchets, as well as XTEND-A poles for those hard to reach branches.

Recently Shawn and Curtis have added the Snow Blazer line of snow shovels and ice chippers and scrapers to their product lineup.

Trail Blazer Products Come In Handy

It’s nice to read about a guy who has an idea and is able to bring it from an idea to a product to success, and that is what Curtis Levangie and Shawn Levangie have done with their Trail Blazer Products.

But what’s most important, and what sets the Trail Blazer company and their products apart from others, is their commitment to the users of their products and to their products. They don’t sell junk, and they don’t sell stuff you don’t need. Trail Blazer Products are well made, practical and “come in handy” type items to have on hand when needed.

Read The Trail Blazer Story

But don’t take my word for it, click on over to the Trail Blazer website and read the full story, it’s an interesting read, interesting and inspirational for anyone dreaming of creating their own opportunities. While you are there, check out the full line of Trail Blazer Products. Trail Blazer Website

The Trail Blazer Take-Down Buck Saw will make a great gift for the outdoors person, hunter, camper or off-road enthusiast in your life.

As I mentioned, Trail Blazer Products are available from several major retailers chances are you can buy yours in your local hardware or retail store. You can also find their products on Amazon if you like to shop online. If you are a retailer and would like to add the Trail Blazer Product line to your store, get in touch with Shawn Levangie through their website.

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  1. This product started the story of Trail Blazer Products. A company that grew from a one-man (Curtis Levangie, My Dad), one-product operation into an international success story distributed in over 40 countries. But it’s also the story of a father and son who worked together, against all odds, to build a company they are both proud of. A company that puts people first, and no matter how big they get, will always place a priority on listening to their customers… Share your thoughts at http://www.trailblazerproducts.com