Template Changes

Frequent readers of The Cottage Chronicles and particularly the more “astute” among you, will quickly realize that I’ve made some changes around here.

Yup, we’ve had a little redo of the template, changing the look of things, hopefully for the better. Although I loved our previous template, I often felt it wasn’t as easy to read as it should be, the background color kind of bothered me. I tried to change the background color but that was a little beyond me so I decided to go with a new template entirely, if for no other reason, the lighter background color and…well…a change is a good as a rest.

So I did some shopping around and found this template, which, although it probably isn’t perfect, it is a little different, and I think is a nice simplistic design that is easy on the eyes. A little easier reading for my astute readers….and that means you….

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