Solar Rope Lights

Solar Rope Lights

As my cottage neighbors would likely be quick to tell you, I am a big fan of solar lighting I think they are ingenious, adding light to your cottage lawn, waterfront, even your dock. And the cost is so minimal, it is a pleasure to see them turn on when it gets dark. Last year I added some to my dock walkway and they made it much easier to navigate out there in the dark. Solar lighting enables you to put lights where you might not normally have them because of the dangers of mixing electricity and water.

This year I think I will be adding more solar lights to my dock, but instead of individual lights, I am going to put at least one of these Blue Solar LED Rope Light along the dock. These solar rope lights are water- and weather-resistant, and these solar rope lights will illuminate for 6 to 12 hours and turn on/off automatically based on lighting conditions.

This solar rope light set includes: LED rope light string, rechargeable batteries, solar cell/electronics compartment, mounting brackets and all hardware needed for installation. End-to-end: 23 ft long. First light to last light: 16 1/2 ft long.
You can find out more about them from Camping World:Blue Solar LED Rope Light

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