Shoe Scraper Mat

Shoe Scraper Mat

I dunno about you, but we don’t take our shoes off at the camp. Well we do, but not when we are coming and going in and out. It’s just not the thing to do in a camp or cottage. That’s one of the perks of camps and cottages, less concerns about things like that. Besides, at the camp I find I am in and out a million times a day, far too often to be having to stop and take my boots off each and everytime I go inside.

On the other hand, my boots are often wet, dirty, or what have you, from the outdoors and the ‘stuff’ I get into, walking in the woods, digging in the garden, cutting the grass or sawing wood, for example. All great ways to get dirty boots.

It’s not a problem though, as long as you have a decent mat like this Shoe Scraper Matat the doors that allows you to get the worst of it off…at least that is what I always tell Wendy, “I got the worst of it off.”

Getting “the worst of it off” is easy if you have a good shoe scraper mat like this heavy duty boot scraper mat that traps dirt, mud and moisture, protecting your camp and cottage floors and carpets. All you need to do to clean this durable shoe scraper mat is hose it off or hit it on a hard surface to release the trapped mud and dirt. It’s made from hand-woven corrosion-resistant galvanized wire and tough coir fibre.

You can order one of these from Camper’s World: Shoe Scraper Mat Put one in front of each door of your camp, cottage or RV and then you can leave your shoes on, you got the worst of it off…..

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