Shoe Organizer

Shoe Organizer

I am constantly on the lookout for storage solutions. It seems like we have accumulated more “stuff” than we will ever need or use, but nonetheless, we are still adding to the collection almost daily. The problem is, what do you do with it all. It’s particularly bad at the camp, where closet space, in fact space in general is in somewhat short supply. It seems like we are often tripping over shoes and boots at the camp. Having someplace convenient to put the shoes we are not wearing at the time, would be great.

And shoes…well…don’t tell Wendy I told you this, but she has a lot of shoes. I mean, a lot of shoes. I suppose I shouldn’t say too much, I do too, I hate to part with a good pair of shoes or boots, even if they are worn out. I still have a pair of hunting boots I bought close to 25 or more years ago, and I still have a pair of leaky rubber boots that I put on occasionally at the camp, even though I know they leak…go figure. So obviously we could use a good shoe organizer.

So, I am always looking for storage solutions for shoes, and I might just have found something. This is the Shoe Organizer a durable fabric shoe rack that hangs on your closet bar. Organizes up to 10 pairs of shoes in a compact space. Reinforced shelves prevent sagging. Perfect for travel – folds flat to store. Open size: 50″H x 5″W x 12″D.

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