Pickup Truck Cover Will Protect Your Vehicle

Pickup Truck Covers Protect Your Vehicle

In these days of global warming, extreme weather and damaging UV rays, it’s a good idea to protect your vehicles from the affects of the weather, particularly the sun. For many of us, that means having a garage to park your vehicle, which of course, is ideal. But not everyone has the luxury of a vehicle garage, especially at the cottage.

In fact, at the camp, your pickup truck or car is also exposed to tree sap and bird droppings, perhaps more than it is at home in the city. But all is not lost, you can cover your vehicle with one of these SFS Aqua-Shed Pickup Truck Cover

These pickup truck covers are great to take along to the cottage to protect your vehicle. They are made from soft, breathable fabric that prevents mold and mildew formation. They are made of triple-layer SFS Aqua-Shed® that beads water on contact, for maximum resistance to high humidity and rainfall.

Vehicle covers also offer excellent protection against damaging UV rays. This pickup truck cover attaches with strap and buckle attachments and bunny-ear cinching system. It’s strong too, with reinforced, elasticized corners that resist tears and snags. Accommodates towing mirrors and most full-size and/or dually trucks.

This SFS Aqua-Shed Pickup Truck Cover also comes with it’s own storage bag and has a manufacturer’s 2 year warranty.

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