Outdoor Cooking Grill

Outdoor Cooking Grill

If you enjoy cooking outdoors at the cottage or when you are camping, I have found two very useful outdoor cooking grills that will make your outdoor cooking much easier.

Cooking outdoors over an open fire is often a pleasure as the food always tastes best when it’s cooked outside. But it can also be a hassle to cook things over an open fire and so often you end up losing your steak in the fire, or not getting it cooked appropriately.

The Pioneer Grill

The first one is the Pioneer Grill

This grill is designed for outdoors people, it has a 2-piece staked design that allows you to take your Perfect Campfire Grill anywhere for your campfire cookout. ThePioneer Grillhas it’s own carrying bag and comes with a hot pad and a glove so you don’t burn your fingers….

The grill is 18″ in diameter, lots of room for cooking. It also has a raised edge that allows the chef to positon the food over the entire cooking area, right to the edge of the rack without worrying about it falling off into the fire.

Setting up your grill is easy, it connects to a stake with an L-shaped screw. The kit includes wrenches for putting it together.

The Explorer Grill

The second grill that I came across for outdoor cooking over an open fire is called the Explorer Grill

This outdoor cooking grill has folding legs enabling you to use it almost anywhere you can have an open fire. The beach, campground, at the camp or cottage, even in rocky terrain.

It has an excellent grill size, a 12” x 18” grill rack that is big enough to cook for a crowd….well a small crowd….but camping isn’t usually about crowds is it? Certainly this grill is more than big enough to cook for your entire family.

Especially important to campers or canoeists, the Explorer Outdoor Cooking Grill folds to only 1 1/2” thick and fits in its own carrying bag.

Like the first outdoor cooking grill I mentioned, and like all the Perfect Campfire Grills, the patented Explorer grill has the raised edge. This allows the chef to position food over the entire grilling area, right to the edge of the rack, without fear of losing it in the fire.

This grill also comes with a hot pad and glove.

You can find out more about these outdoor cooking grills here:
Pioneer Grill
Explorer Grill

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