"orvis field coat"

Orvis Field Coat

A Coat For The Field

I’ve always been a fan of a good field coat, and I bet you are too, even if you never go in a field. I own several of them.

Field coats have lot’s of features that make them a practical choice for the outdoors. For one thing, lots of pockets. Gotta love lots of pockets.

By the time you load up with all the necessary permits, licences, certification cards, required emergency equipment, your fishing gear or hunting gear, and a good supply of toilet paper, you realize the need for a lot of pockets.

Orvis Field Coat

The Orvis Heritage Field Coat has lots of pockets, big pockets. Plus it has additional features that make it a practical coat for any outdoor endeavor.
"orvis field coat"
To begin with, the Orvis Heritage Field Coat is made from dry-waxed cotton canvas that repells rain and deals nicely with thorns and briars.

A Comfortable Outdoorsy Look

For comfort and an outdoorsy look, the Orvis Field Coat has a lining that is made from a red brushed twill lining, and for ventilation, it has gusseted underarm panels with gromets to allow some air circulation under the arms, and we all know that under-arm circulation is important.
"Orvis Heritage Field Coat"

Ambidextrous Shooting Patches

Shoot left-handed or right-handed? It doesn’t matter. Unlike some field coat manufacturers that assume we all shoot right handed, Orvis knows that some of us, yours truly included, shoot a gun left handed. So with me in mind, they put shooting patches on both shoulders of the Orvis Field Coat.

Realistically, shooting patches are mostly a matter of style, they really don’t cushion much recoil from a large shotgun. However, it is a pet peeve of mine and bothers me when I am wearing a field coat that only has the shooting patch on the right shoulder. It just doesn’t feel correct. Like I am living a lie….so I appreciate the double patches on the Orvis Field Coat.

Lots Of Pockets

As for those pockets I mentioned, the Orvis Field Coat has em, lots of pockets, large bellows pockets with snap closures on the pocket flaps.

In addition the Orvis Field Coat has two upper slash handwarmer pockets and two hidden side-entry hand warmer pockets. It has four interior pockets. And it has a rear-entry waterproof game bag with two side zips and interior lining.

Field Coats Are Not Just For The Field

Because a field coat is not just for the field, but also great for trips to the hardware store or feed store, this field coat has adjustable button cuffs with corduroy trim and a corduroy collar. That adds a nice fashionable flair as well as enhanced wear and durability. And they are available in three colors, Hunter Green, Dark Khaki and Black.
Find out how you can own one of these great coats here: Orvis Heritage Field Coat

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