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I know what you are thinking, you’re down to the last few days of shopping and you haven’t gotten my Christmas gift yet….just as I figured, left your shopping to the last minute again. Well all is not completely lost. There is still time to shop, so don’t panic…yet…if you are reading this on the 24th of December, you are still OK because all you need to do is order a magazine subscription!

Yup, how easy is that. Order a magazine subscription, buy a greeting card, and just write inside the card that you have ordered a magazine subscription for the coming year.

Simple Gift Idea

Simple eh? Wish you had thought of that sooner, you could have been napping instead of roaming the stores and shopping malls with that far-away look of despair in your eyes.

Here are some magazine subscription ideas that will help you find the perfect magazine subscription gifts. These are some of the best selling magazine subscriptions on Amazon.

So without further adieu from me, here they are:

Popular Magazine Subscription

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