Hudson Bay Blanket

Nothing says “Canada” or the opening of the New World, like a Hudson Bay Blanket, and these days, nothing looks better on a cottage bed than a Hudson’s Bay Blanket.

The fabulous Hudson Bay blanket has been around since the fur trade and continue to be very popular.

These wool blankets were originally traded to First Nations and Native Americans in exchange for beaver pelts, buffalo robes, pemmican, moccasins, and other items.

The First Nations and Native Americans were quick to realize the value of a wool blanket because the wool held heat even when it was wet and it was easier to sew and work with than animal skins and hides. The natives and French Canadian trappers made their wool blanket into a type of hooded coat, they called a “capote”.

"Hudson's Bay Blanket
Man wearing a Capote, a coat made from a Hudson's Bay Blanket

Hudson’s Bay Wool Blankets are referred to as Hudson’s Bay Point Blankets which refers to the system of measurement woven into the side of each wool blanket.

The “points” are the lines you see on the side of these blankets. They enable you to know the size of the blanket without having to unfold it. The number of points indicates the size and weight of the blanket.

The typically bright colors, warmth, and longevity of Hudson Bay Blankets make them an excellent choice wool blanket for your home or cottage.

As a gift, Hudson Bay Blankets are excellent and will last a long, long time, usually becoming a cherished possession. In addition to their warmth and durability Hudson Bay Blankets really brighten up a room too.

These days, Hudson’s Bay Blankets are sold by several retailers including Woolrich and The Bay and of course, Amazon

You can also purchase a Hudson Bay Blanket from L.L.Bean who have their version of the Hudson Bay Blanket by LL Bean that they have been selling since 1925. According to their website, L.L.Bean, the company founder, always kept a Hudson’s Bay Blanket on hand, even carried one in his car.

Picture of man wearing Capote:Wilkipedia Creative Commons

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