Hanging Patio Heater

Hanging Patio Heater

As frequent visitors to The Cottage Chronicles know, we recently added a screen room to the front deck at the cottage. The screen room on the cottage provides a great place to sit and look at the peaceful waters of the lake, and it’s really great in the evening.

The screens make it possible to sit outside even in the worst of mosquito and blackfly season and those of us with cottages know about mosquito and blackfly season.

Chilly Evenings

However, sometimes it can be a wee bit chilly out there, particularly in the Spring and Fall at the camp. While a jacket will usually suffice, some heat would help to offset the dampness, particularly as we are fairly close to the lake.

An electric heater would be perfect, but when you get four or more people in the cottage screenroom the space for extras like an electric heater is cut down dramtically by chairs and the coffee table and all the other “stuff” that ends up piled up out there.

Heat From Above

If only we could have the heater above us, it would be perfect, we’d have heat without losing any floor space. Well it turns out we can. All we need is a Hanging Patio Heater like this stainless steel model from Camping World.

This is a halogen hanging patio heater that runs on regular household electric current and is substantially less expensive to operate than propane patio heaters.

Use Indoors or Outdoors

You can use this patio heater indoors and outdoors for perfect overhead heating. It powers up to 100% heat production within seconds using 1500 watt power very economically, as it only uses about 1/10 of the energy costs of LPG Heaters.

Because this hanging patio heater is electric you have no harmful emissions or toxic residuals and it can be used indoors as well. ETL Approved

I think this might be the answer for a chilly evening at the cottage. We’d have some warmth in the room and be able to sit outside longer in the evenings listening to the loons.

Workshop Heat

I think one of these hanging patio heaters might also be the solution to my desire to have some heat in the workshop. Lord knows there is no room on the floor anywhere to stand a heater, but if I could hang one from the ceiling I could have heat without losing valuable space.

This hanging patio heater looks like a great idea for our screen room and for the workshop.

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