Dreaming Of A White Christmas? Wake Up !!!

Well here we are, the eve before Christmas Eve and miracle of miracles, it is snowing. Quite a bit of snow too, it’s building up in the driveway. Soon going to be time for Wendy to shovel.

As soon as she gets finished polishing the floors upstairs I am going to bundle her up to go outside and shovel the snow. The fresh air will be good for her.

White Christmas

Just a couple of days ago you and I were happily humming the words and tune to the Irving Berlin song, “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” as we merrily went about our pre-Christmas activities, happily cruising along on dry, bare, non-slippery pavement.

Even folks who have no idea who Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye or Irving Berlin were, enjoy singing the song from that Christmas movie. We picture a Christmas with happy little, fluffy, white, snowflakes drifting to the ground, while a horse drawn sleigh goes by a cheery old farmhouse with candles glowing in the windows. The passengers in the sleigh, all bundled up in blankets and furs, wave happily at the house. No doubt they are enjoying warm cider from a flask…

Ah yes, the happiness of a white Christmas.

Just yesterday we were strolling into Walmart in our plastic flip-flops and lightweight jackets, complaining to those we met about how we missed having snow for Christmas. As you glanced down and noticed the polish had warn off your baby toe, you may have even told somebody it was all the fault of “global warming” Yup, global warming is ruining our beloved white Christmas.

Well Wake Up…It’s snowing and it ain’t as merry as you might think.

There are a lot of issues with having a white Christmas, depending on when it arrives, how much of “it” arrives and where you have to go. Let’s look at some of those issues shall we….

Air Travel

Air travel gets tricky, and lots of folks risk not getting home for Christmas because of snow. Imagine how much a family of four will enjoy spending Christmas at the international airport instead of home in beautiful Brisco Bay, Newfoundland. Trust me, if they end up all night in the airport they will be singing “The Green Green Grass of Home” instead of dreaming of anything white.

Road Travel

Road travel can be very dangerous at the best of times, and it increases in the days before Christmas, but during a snowstorm it’s worse.

Today thousands of people are packing their cars, pickup trucks and SUV’s with family and gifts and embarking on 10 hour drives to get home. Ask them how much they love a white Christmas…better said, ask them how much they enjoy risking life and limb driving in the white-out conditions on Mt Thom while trying to get home.

Heart Health

Christmas, never a particularly good time for heart health in the first place, (just ask Doctor Oz) is worsened by the wonder of a white Christmas as middle aged fat guys, yup guys just like me, drop in our driveways of cardiac arrest while shoveling the %$%$#@ white Christmas off the steps and asphalt, our fingers still firmly grasped around the shovel handle.

Dear old Granny, excited about having the family for Christmas Dinner. Well as she hums the White Christmas tune, slips and falls in the white stuff, taking a nose dive into the concrete steps on her walkway. She was coming back from the grocery store where she went to get some apple pie filling for the pies she is baking for you…for you.

Yup, I am dreaming of a white Christmas, in a snow globe, on a greeting card, or on television, but not on my front steps, driveway or backyard. I am as romantic as the next middle aged guy with a bad attitude, but a little romance goes a long way in the final few days before Christmas.

And not to throw any more coal on the fire, but if you take the time to watch the movie “White Christmas” you will realize that the characters are only dreaming of a white Christmas for economic reasons.

If it doesn’t snow the retired army General at the center of the show, is going to lose his investment, a ski lodge resort in Vermont. They need snow to keep the place from going under financially. Yup…think about that.

Just saying….

So for all of you who are travelling this week, or have family coming from away, I wish you all very safe, undelayed travel, and OK, maybe a little skiff of snow on Christmas morning as long as it melts by noon.

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2 thoughts on “Dreaming Of A White Christmas? Wake Up !!!”

  1. For people outside snowing countries during Christmas, we can’t help but to dream of a white Christmas. Hope you enjoy your Christmas vacation…