Cottage In Winter

Cottage In Winter

Well here it is almost Christmas. Have you checked your cottage lately? I know that you are busy, lot’s going on and it is easy to be distracted by things like shopping, putting up decorations, Christmas office parties and the such. However, it’s not a good idea to leave your cottage unattended, or unchecked for any length of time. The cottage in winter is pretty much on it’s own, there aren’t too many of your neighbors around and you don’t get there for long periods of time.

Even though you closed the camp up, drained the water system and put away everything that should be put away, there is always the chance of something happening that you don’t want happening.

At the cottage in winter there isn’t much you can do about stuff to prevent it from happening when you are not there, but if something does go wrong, the sooner you can be there to deal with the problem the better.

Am I scaring you yet? As a cottage or camp owner, you know this stuff already, but sometimes a gentle reminder doesn’t hurt. A trip to the cottage in winter, before the snow blankets the ground is also a good opportunity to have a second look around and make sure you didn’t forget to do something, like close a bedroom window or snap the padlock on the outhouse door.

If you are like me, your place can get snowed in during January and February making driving to the cottage difficult. Even walking in the cottage road can be difficult if the snow is deep or the road icy.

Insurance companies like cottage owners to regularly check their places too. In fact, many cottage insurance policies have some kind of clause about having the place checked regularly, something that in some situations is not even possible, if practical.

If you can’t check your cottage in winter, find a neighbor who can. Preferably someone in the immediate vicinity who can talk walk around the camp and make sure the windows aren’t broken and everything is locked up.

If it’s a good neighbor that you trust completely, give them a key so they can go inside if need be to check on things. For example, if someone breaks in through a window, it would be nice if your neighbor can get the door unlocked and go inside to take whatever action is necessary. Like boarding up the window or calling the police and letting them inside to take the report for your insurance company.

If your cottage is located any distance from you, it’s a really good idea to have a neighbor able to check on things. Remember, in winter, even if the distance isn’t too far, driving to the cottage can be dangerous in a snowstorm or at night if something goes wrong. It’s a lot easier to call someone and know that they can do what is necessary until your are able to get there yourself.

While checking a cottage in winter is important, there is no reason it cannot be fun too. It’s always nice to get to the camp, no matter what time of year it is, and winter has lot’s of great opportunities for some fun at the cottage too.

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