Cottage Books

Still looking for a Christmas gift for the cottage person or camp person in your life? Well there aren’t too many cottage folks who wouldn’t appreciate a good book about cottages. There is always something new to learn from reading, and cottagers are no different than anyone else in that regard. Here are some good cottage books for cottage owners.

Cottage people are generally do-it-yourselfers, or at least as much as possible. It is often too difficult to get tradespeople to cottages to make repairs, so it usually falls to the cottage owner to do it.

That’s why cottage books come in handy as they offer lots of ideas and information and often become well worn, oft read reference books around the cottage.

The first book is Camps, Cottages and Cabins by Joanne Palmisano. This cottage book is full of tips and ideas for getting the most out of your seasonal home and cottage. A glance at the table of contents shows that this book covers opening your cottage to closing your cottage and just about everything in between. This is a particularly good book for new cottage owners.

The second book for cottagers that I often recommend is Country and Cottage Water Systems by Max Burns. Ownership and reading of this book is almost a requirement for cottage owners. This book includes everything a cottage owner needs to know about cottage water systems, water pumps, septic systems, even information on how to build an outhouse.

Todays third cottage book is Maintaining A Vacation Home by Steve Grooms. This practical guide shows owners of cottages and seasonal homes how to protect their investment and get the most from their vacation time.

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