Christmas Is A Lot Of Work

13 Shopping Days Left

Only 13 shopping days left until Christmas. Wow, time is flying by. Wendy has been busy wrapping presents and piling them under the Christmas Tree. I have been getting tired watching her. Christmas is a lot of work, and in my experience, it’s a real lot of work for one person in the family.

Yup, in most households, like yours and mine, it’s usually one person who does most of the Christmas preparations. Whether that is shopping for presents, contacting Santa Claus, wrapping presents, putting up the Christmas tree, decorating the tree and the rest of the house.

Then that same person has to head off to the grocery store to stock up on food and things like the turkey which utimately, she has to cook. Oh yeah, and while she is out, might as well get to the liquor store and stock up the bar and hey, get something nice for your parents too, while she is at it.

Yes guys, I said “she” because let’s face it fellas, it isn’t you or me doing all of the above. In fact, you and I put a few Christmas lights up outside and complain that Christmas is a lot of work, groan about a bad back or something and then go lay down for a nap.

Meanwhile our womenfolk are busy with a multitude of tasks to complete before the big day.

When she gets home from all the shopping and errands, your sweetheart will probably start house cleaning because it’s the holidays and chances are company will be coming.

You’re helpful, you pick up your dirty socks and underwear from the bedroom floor and put them into the laundry hamper….because you like to help out…..oh yeah, you also help bring in the groceries and things she bought, because you know that your honey stopped at the liquor store and you feel like a beer.

You Are A Christmas Bum

You fella, and I mean you, and well me too, are Christmas bums. We expect a bunch of nice Christmas presents under the tree, but we are notoriously bad Christmas shoppers. An hour at the mall and we get frustrated and usually find ourselves in the lineup to buy Gift Certificates.

Yup, so much for putting any thought into shopping. You have one thought, “get it done quick” so you can get out of there. We love a big turkey dinner, but don’t really understand that cooking a turkey is quite a bit more difficult than barbecuing a hamburger or cooking spaghetti.

One of our biggest problems at Christmas is flying under the radar so we don’t have to work at something like putting decorations on the Christmas tree.

It’s not always easy to find a place to hide, I feel really bad for those of you who live in an apartment. At least I can slip out to the garage and pretend to be busy. I know a fella who actually has cable television and a recliner chair in his garden shed.

We expect a big turkey dinner with all the trimmings but we really don’t have any idea what goes into making “all the trimmings” and we do know that it often creates a lot of dishes to wash. Thankfully you bought your wife a dishwasher after that first Christmas together.

That takes care of a lot of the dishes, except the roasting pan. Of course you thought of that too, encouraging her to purchase a throwaway tinfoil roasting pan to cut down on the work she has to do….
christmas dinner

Come Christmas morning, you are going to be first under the tree in your Batman pyjamas, happily opening your Christmas presents, many of which are surprises, as excited as a ten year old boy, while your wife opens hers, all of which she bought for herself. You’re covered though, because she signed the gift tag from you, so you wouldn’t feel bad. You feel pretty good, she looks happy, and look at all the new toys and tools you got!!

Of course your darling partner will be “surprised and pleased” when she opens the envelope with the gift certificate from you, amazed at the thought you put into picking out the Christmas greeting card you put the gift certificates inside of.

You make a mental note that next year you will try to get a card that is romantic, and says something nice, like “To My Darling Wife” instead of that funny card you bought that has a picture of a monkey in a Santa hat on the front. Well you thought it was funny….

Of course you will do your part helping out with the Christmas dinner, which you and I both know, consists of lifting the turkey in and out of the oven so she can baste it and such. It’s an imposition, takes you away from playing with your new fishing rod Santa brought you, but you’ll do it because you like to “help out” and your parents are coming for Christmas dinner.

Yup, Christmas is a lot of work….

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