Campfire In A Can

Campfire In A Can

These days when you are camping, there are often campfire rules that you must follow. In fact, in many places campfires are not allowed, or if they are, they must me contained in some kind of receptacle, like a campfire pit or ring. And in many places, having an open campfire might be allowed, but it leaves a burnt ring on your lawn.

That’s when having something like this Campfire in a Can is a handy thing to have on hand….maybe….

This model portable campfire , called “The Little Red Campfire” burns propane, comes with an eight foot hose, small ceramic/cement logs, and has an adjustable flame. Unfortunately, this model propane campfire is not CSA rated, the hose is a little short, and unlike some of these campfire in a can products, this doesn’t have a cooking rack. So for all intents and purposes, I am not recommending this one. It is probably alright for small campfire situations, but I am not keen on the lack of CSA certification.

The company that makes and distributes these campfires does make some models that are CSA certified. I suggest you lean towards one of them rather than this model. You can see all the models, and their information at the company’s website: Campfire In A Can

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