Blogging Is A One Sided, Lonely, Social Media

Thanks Bob

Ya know…ya know when I start with “ya know” that I am probably going to write about something you may not know…making that a very poor opening phrase really…I might have to come up with something else to replace that…umm…but I can’t come up with anything at the moment. Too much pressure.

So…ya know, I have come to the conclusion that blogging is a rather one sided, lonely, social media.

Blogging As Social Media

Although it is generally accepted to be what some refer to as a form of social media, blogging really isn’t very social. A lot of the time it’s quite one-sided really. That can be good and that can be bad.

Blogging ain’t Facebook

Blogging isn’t like Facebook with it’s one line posts, immediate commenting, likes, shares and such. Blogging requires more of a commitment than a click on the “like button” from both the writer and the reader.

Commitment Required

The writer is committed, (or should be committed) because he or she is writing much more than something like, “Had a great lunch at Mario’s”

The blog reader (that’s you) has to be more committed, because if the blogger tells you they had a great lunch at Marios, chances are they will tell you a lot more.

Bloggers are going to tell you what they had, who they saw, how long it took, if they liked it, how much it cost, where Mario’s is located and a link to their menu…

Blogging is one sided because I can sit here in my office, writing just about anything I want, and put it out there for anyone who wants to read it.

Blogging is Social

It’s social, because you can comment on anything I write and take part in the discussion if you so choose. It’s lonely, because people seldom comment.

Not Counting Spam Comments

Aside from dozens and dozens of “spam comments” typically automated spam comments, people do not comment a lot on blogs. I am not much better. I have bloggers whom I follow and read daily, but I seldom comment myself, and I know the value in commenting on other blogs, I also know how bloggers love comments.

Spammers certainly comment, but not readers, not a lot anyway. That’s what makes this a rather lonely business. Believe it or not, I delete a couple hundred spam comments everyday. It’s part of blogging. I could automate it more than I do, but then I run the risk of my spam catching program making a boo boo and marking a legitimate comment as spam.

Many days the extent of my social connection with my readers, apart from writing a post, is checking my statistics, seeing how many daily readers, how long they spent, what they read, and where they are from etc.

Bloggers who get lots of comments are among the few, many of them are the big name bloggers and most of the comments are from other bloggers trying for a little “link juice” from getting their blog URL on “the big blog.”

Thanks Bob

But as is often the case here at The Cottage Chronicles I am getting way, way waaaay off track. What I really wanted to talk about was how nice it is to get a comment occasionally from someone who is reading what I write.

In this case it was from a reader, his name is Bob, who made me feel quite good yesterday when he mentioned in an email that he finds my blog, “very interesting,” and “I look forward to my coffee & reading it in the mornings.” It wasn’t a blog comment, it was an email, even better.

That’s about as good a Christmas present as a struggling blog writer could hope for, to hear someone say they look forward to reading your blog. I really appreciated reading his email. I long ago gave up the idea of making any money from blogging. I’d make more working two hours a week at Walmart as a greeter. If only I were qualified.

In fact, I’d make more by doing nothing, just cancelling my internet connection would make me more money per month. So a nice comment or email once and awhile, from a reader, is a real treat, and it is really all the payment blog writers are hoping for.

Now before you get to thinking I am fishing for compliments…well…ha ha…no not really…well…kinda…Actually, while I much prefer to hear from someone like Bob, who likes what I have written, I also enjoy hearing from someone challenging what I have written, which of course I realize is quite difficult because I am always right….

But today, I am doing one thing. I am returning the favor to Bob, by saying I appreciate having him as a regular reader of The Cottage Chronicles and it’s for Bob and others like him, that I do this everyday.

Thank you Bob. I hope you are enjoying your coffee this morning.

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5 thoughts on “Blogging Is A One Sided, Lonely, Social Media”

  1. Hi Robert,
    Taking a bite at the worm.
    I found your blog when I googled winterizing an outboard motor a few years ago. I have been reading your blog for 3 years and never even thought about contacting you. I really enjoy your stories especially your humor. You are very funny. Thanks for the entertainment and have a great Christmas.


  2. Thanks Peter, I am happy to hear from you, and really happy that you have been keeping up with me for three years. I appreciate that. Wow…I am pretty much speechless which is really something for me…Thanks again, and I hope you have a great Christmas too and a Happy New Year !!

  3. Hi Robert, I too have been reading your posts for a couple of years and really enjoy them. I have a cabin on a small lake in south dakota so I can relate to the constant maintenance and improvement issues-but that’s part of the charm of ownership-being able to putter around with that stuff (in between hunting and fishing “chores”. Some good DIY advice here and yeah, you are quite funny! Merry Christmas . Dan

  4. Thanks Dan, I appreciate your comments very much. I’m happy to hear from you. I agree entirely, the fun of having a camp is fooling around with the DIY and other things that come along. Most nights I lull myself to sleep planning one project or another at the camp.

    In fact, my father always said when he got too old to really do much around the camp it was no longer much fun to him. If we had no projects or problems, pretty soon all we would be doing is sitting looking at the lake until we got tired of that, then go inside and watch the crap on television and that wouldn’t be good…um…you don’t work for a television company do you…? LOL
    Thanks again, glad to hear from you