AirBedz The Original Truck Bed Air Mattress

AirBedz The Original Truck Bed Air Mattress

Back in the day, before he got extremely wealthy and bought a new tent trailer, my buddy, Dave used to put a tent on the back of his Mazda pickup truck. That was a good system as it got him and his honey up off the ground, better than sleeping in a tent. However, it was a bit problematic because of the wheel wells. So ingenious lad that he is, old Davey, well he built a raised platform that got them up over the wheel wells. It was a very good idea that worked very well. Easy to set up and easy to disassemble.

AirBedz The Original Truck Bed Mattress

However, I bet if he had known about AirBedz The Original Truck Bed Air Mattress he may not have needed to go to the trouble of building a bed for the bed of his pickup truck.

AirBedz Mattresses are designed to fit around and over the wheel wells of your pick-up creating a sleep area that utilizes the entire truck bed, providing more room and comfort for outdoor enthusiasts. Notice how the area around the wheel wells is cut out in the picture below. That allows the air mattress to fit nicely inside your pickup truck bed.

AirBedz are made from heavy-duty cloth construction that ensures a more puncture resistant mattress that is great for outdoors people.

You can also purchase AirBedz Inflatable Wheel Well Inserts that enable you to convert your truck mattress to a regular air mattress for use in a tent or camp.

AirBedz Mattresses are available in several different sizes for your particular pickup truck.
AirBedz The Original Truck Bed Air Mattress

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