"nebo redline tactical flashlight"

Tactical Flashlight

As an outdoorsy type person, I appreciate a good flashlight. I know that a flashlight can mean the difference between being lost and not being lost, a good tactical flashlight can mean the difference between being safe and not being safe. I seldom venture far from home without a flashlight, whether I am hunting, fishing, boating or hiking, or even just messing around outdoors at the cottage.

That’s why this Nebo Redline Tactical Flashlight really caught my eye when I was looking through some stocking stuffer ideas for another post of The Cottage Chronicles.

What makes this such a fantastic tactical flashlight? Features, lots of features….
"nebo redline tactical flashlight"

Nebo Redline Tactical Flashlight Features

*3 Power Levels of Brightness 100% = 220 Lumens – 150 yds – 4 hours 50% = 110 Lumens – 65 yds – 8 hours 10% = 22 Lumens – 30 yds – 15 hours

* S.O.S. Mode – Click the rear button 4 times to activate the S.O.S. Sequence (220 Lumens of brightness)

* Defensive Strobe – Click the Rear Button 5 times to activate the Emergency Flashing Strobe Mode (220 Lumens of brightness)

* Flood Light 4x Adjustable Beam Turn the bezel clockwise for flood light, perfect for short range lighting.

* Spot Light Turn the bezel counter clock wise for spot light, perfect for focusing light over 20 yards

* Aggressive Self-Defense Face: The aggressive design face of this tactical flashlight can be used to defend yourself (please use caution when using flashlight)

* Anodized Aircraft Grade Aluminum Water-Proof

*Compact Body Design Designed to fit almost anywhere, the body of this tactical flashlight is virtually indestructible to ensure reliability

* Rear Glow-In-The-Dark Tactical Button The button gives you the power to easily switch functions while maintaining constant control of the flashlight. Button uses click and soft touch operation. The button also glows in the dark so that you can easily find it.

* Powerful Magnetic Base Allows you to stick product to virtually all metal surfaces, giving you hands-free lighting. The magnetic base also helps in retrieving metal objects in a tight space.

See what I mean? Features, this Nebo Redline tactical flashlight has features galore.
You can never go wrong with a good flashlight. Flashlights come in handy at home at the cottage, camping, fishing, hunting, whenever the lights go out.

These tactical flashlights are not expensive. You can order one from Amazon for $24.01 today, Order Yours Here-Nebo Redline Tactical Flashlight

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