Retro Tin Signs and Vintage Metal Signs For Camps

Retro Tin Signs and Vintage Metal Signs

Hey!! How are things? I’ve been busy lately looking at things to put on here for you and sometimes for me…..I admit, I usually get carried away looking at this stuff and often forget that I am supposed to be posting it on this blog. Today I have been looking at vintage metal signs, sometimes called tin signs, vintage look signs, pub signs or retro tin signs or distressed signs.

I love retro tin signs, they add a nice look to a camp or cottage. The old metal advertising signs of bygone days. It’s rare to come across an authentic vintage tin sign these days as collectors usually snap them up pretty quickly.

Most of what you buy today are “vintage metal signs” or more accurately, signs made to look like vintage metal signs called “retro tin signs”. However, I am not on a treasure hunt, I am just looking for some nice tin signs that would look good in the camp. Retro tin signs are a nice conversation piece and usually a reminder of days gone by. So let’s look at a few vintage metal signs that you can buy today for your camp.

"ducks unlimited metal sign"

Ducks Unlimited – Since 1937 Metal Tin Sign 16″W x 12.5″H

"whatever your shoot"

Remington Firearms Tin Metal Sign : Whatever You Shoot

"drink coffee metal sign"

Drink Coffee Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Sign – 13×16

Ski – Thrill of a Lifetime Metal Tin Sign

John Deere 06028 JD Farm Implements Vintage Metal Sign

Winchester Arms Tin Metal Sign : Bullet Board

Have Another Cup of Coffee Metal Sign Tin Decor

Lunkers Bait and Tackle Tin Metal Sign : Fishing Purveyors Since 1895

Fishing Guide Sports and Recreation Vintage Metal Sign – Victory Vintage Signs

Winchester Fishing Tackle Men in Canoe Retro Vintage Tin Sign – 13×16

There ya go, a few vintage metal signs to choose from for your camp, cottage or man cave at home. These are great looking signs that along with adding some visual interest to your camp, can also act as conversation pieces too. Thanks for reading The Cottage Chronicles

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