"Natalie Wood"

Natalie Wood Mystery

What do you think about the Natalie Wood mystery that is back in the news? Natalie Wood died rather mysteriously several years ago (1981) after “allegedly” falling off a boat called The Splendour, and drowning.

The story was headline news when it happened in 1981, and now it is back in the news as the Captain of the yacht owned by Robert Wagner, has come forward offering some information regarding the night of Natalie Wood’s death.

For those of you too young to remember, Natalie Wood was a Hollywood movie star, very beautiful, very glamorous, who began her career as a child, I think around 6 years old. She was 34 when she drowned. I remember her movies well, she was an extremely talented actress and exceptionally attractive young woman, married to an equally successful and handsome young actor.
"Natalie Wood"

The Original Natalie Wood Mystery

The original story to date, is that Natalie Wood drowned following a night of drinking, partying and possibly arguing with her husband, movie and television star, Robert Wagner. Christopher Walken, her costar in the film “Brainstorm” was also aboard the boat. It seems that Wood may have fallen overboard while trying to get aboard a small inflatable dingy tied to the yacht. I can see that happening, most yachts have a dingy. If you every stepped into a small inflatable dingy, you know they can be quite unstable, particularly if they are not fully inflated. At the time, the captain of the yacht, gave the same story as the other men aboard.

So that’s the Natalie Wood mystery synopsis. Natalie Wood drowned…while boating…at night….after drinking…maybe after an argument with her husband….

Captain Davern Changes His Story

Now the Captain of The Splendour at that time, Dennis Davern has come forward, saying he lied when he talked to the police originally. He is now saying that there might have been some “foul play” the night the beautiful actress drowned. He says that the story of Natalie Wood attempting to take out a small inflatable boat and falling overboard to drown, is not true.

The Captain of the 60 foot yacht said that Wagner and Wood were fighting after a dispute between Wagner and Christopher Walken. It sounds as if there might have been some jealousy involved between the two men if the new version of the story is to be believed. To be specific, the Captain says he heard Wagner accuse Christopher Walken making advances on his wife.

Well, I dunno. Whenever there is alcohol involved around boats, along with two men and a beautiful woman, there is a good chance that things may not go well. Why the Captain has taken until now to come forward with his new story, new information, is a cause for speculation, but I am not speculating. I don’t know what makes people do what they do. Perhaps in his heart, he feels as if he didn’t do the right thing at the time. Perhaps he feels that it is time to clear the air and get whatever secrets he has off his chest, or the monkey off his back.

Also makes me wonder how can he come forward now and change his story without facing some legal ramifications. I suppose it depends on how his information was originally given, but if it was under oath, or a signed statement, I would think that there would be some repercussions from lying to the authorities. I suppose that depends on the circumstances.

Nonetheless, the police feel that there must be something to Davern’s story because On November 17, 2011, detectives from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office announced that investigation into the 30 year-old case surrounding the death of Natalie Wood was officially reopened. Sheriff’s Office homicide bureau Detective Lieutenant John Corina stated at a press conference, “We recently received information that we deemed to be credible, we’re going to follow up on the leads we have.” Corina declined to divulge any information regarding the leads received but did state that Wood’s husband, Robert Wagner, isn’t considered a suspect.

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