Lake Ogopogo Monster On Video

Our cottage is located on a fairly large lake, at least fairly large in comparison with other lakes in the area. I’m sure at about 12 miles long it is actually quite small when up against lakes in other parts of North America.

What’s Under The Water

However, at 12 miles long, it is also pretty deep in places and therefore, somewhat mysterious. Who hasn’t looked at their cottage lake and wondered what is beneath the surface?

And for the romantics and imaginative among us, who hasn’t wondered if their lake has it’s on version of Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster, or a similar unsolved mysterious lake creature like British Columbia’s Lake Ogopogo monster.

Mysteries Beneath Lake Waters

You know what I am talking about. Those calm mornings, not a ripple on the lake, and then you think you see a wake moving under the water, or the something breaks the surface of the water, you wonder what it is, but it’s too far away to determine. It looks to be to be a fish, and yet….

Those of us who have some imagination, probably more than we need, have all seen something like that, and wondered, perhaps hoped, it is more than just a wave or big trout. (although a big trout might be nice too)

Lakes hold many mysteries beneath their waves, sunken treasure, lost outboards, sunken boats and water logged timber. And…in some lakes, mysterious creatures, seen by some, and talked about by many, but so far unproven.

Personally I always have one eye on my fishfinder whenever I am out in the boat, and not necessarily because I am looking for fish. Like you perhaps, I am alway on the lookout for a glimpse of a lake monster!

Photog Doesn’t Know What It Is

Well a guy in British Columbia, Richard Huls has seen something in Lake Okanagan, and although Richard is not saying it’s the lakes own mysterious legend, “Ogopogo” what he is saying is that he doesn’t know what it is….

I guess Richard knows the danger of coming out saying you saw a lake monster…people tend to look at you funny at the general store and at church suppers. However he did manage to capture the Lake Ogopogo Monster On Video.

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