Iceberg Calving Off Antartica

An iceberg in Antartica is “calving” which is iceberg scientific terminology for a small piece going through the process of breaking off the main iceberg. This particular iceberg is not small, it’s described as being 50 per cent larger than the city of Toronto.

Antartica’s Pine Island ice shelf has developed a large crack 29 kilometres long, 73 metres wide and 58 metres deep in some places and is widening more each day.

While it is amazing, this particular “calving” is not unusual, nor do scientists consider it necessarily a sign of global warming. However, the mother iceberg is also shrinking, which they do consider to be a marker in the global warming process. Apparently, the “mother berg” has shrunk considerably in the past few years.

You can read the full story at CBC News, Massive Iceberg Calving Off Antartica

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