Ice Fishing Safety Coat

Ice Fishing Safety Coat

I know that it is a little premature to be talking about winter and ice fishing, but it is November, and as much as we might try to ignore it, winter is coming. That is probably good news if you go ice fishing, a great way to take on winter and get outdoors when the temperature drops.

Ice Fishing Danger

Unfortunately, ice fishing comes with some inherent danger, specifically falling through the ice into the water. Yup…that happens sometimes and when it does, you don’t have a lot of time to get yourself out or for someone to save you.

Even if you are a heck of a swimmer, the cold water will take it’s toll quite quickly. That’s why and ice fishing safety coat is a good idea.

When I came across this ice fishing safety coat, from I figured now was as good a time as any to show it to you. Besides, there is still time to get one of these coats as a Christmas present.

This ice fishing safety coat is equipped with some features to help you should you end up falling through the ice. It has flotation assist, ice arm grips to help you pull yourself out of the water and back up on safe ice, glow sticks and a 15 foot S-hook rope.
There is a 15 foot length of webbing with an S hook located in the upper left forearm that you can use to throw to a rescuer, or it might even come in handy if you are the person rescuing a fellow ice fisherman.

The ice grips and the webbing designed into this ice fishing safety coat are covered and secured with velcro until you need them, and I hope you never do. The floatation is important because if you fall through the ice you have a big job ahead of you getting back out, having some floatation really helps.

Lots of Floatation

It has enough floatation to hold up a 275 pound person.

Glow Sticks and Flashlight

This ice safety jacket has a place for glow sticks and a flashlight in the shoulder. It comes in large and extra large so you can wear another coat or liner underneath for added warmth on those cold January days on the ice.

Ice Fishing, Off Roading, Boating, and more

This would be a good coat for off roading adventures on ATV’s if your off roading includes crossing frozen lakes and rivers. Good for early season fishing too, and any other activities that take you out on the ice or around the water.

Here is a short video explaining the features of this ice fishing jacket.

Currently these ice fishing safety coats currently sell for $99.99, you can order one Here from:

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2 thoughts on “Ice Fishing Safety Coat”

  1. I love the inovations in this jacket! Floatation jackets have been built for years but I think this is the first one with self-arrest devices built into it. Cleaver, cleaver!

  2. This jacket really does have some great features for ice safety. I am always amazed when folks come up with good ideas and this is a good idea.