How To Take Pictures of the Moon

Whew…it’s warm. Well if not warm, it’s at least mild. I was just out on the deck here at the cottage without a jacket and it isn’t even chilly. I am starting to wonder if global warming is coming sooner rather than later.

It’s a lovely night at the camp, the moon, although not full, is close to full and lighting up the lake like a big spotlight hanging in the sky. I’d love to take pictures of the moon but my little Canon camera, although a great digital camera, just isn’t much good for taking pictures at night and in particular it doesn’t do a good job of taking pictures of the moon.

With only 3X zoom, it doesn’t have enough optical zoom for one thing, so the moon usually comes out as a little white spot in the dark. For example, here is the one of the pics of the moon I took tonight. I really don’t know how to take pictures of the moon.

Probably there is a way, if you understood how to adjust the settings, but I don’t. I am the reason camera manufacturers invented “point and shoot” cameras. Unfortunately my reading of the camera owners manual consisted of figuring out where the battery went and how to turn it on and off. The rest of the manual…well…kinda a technical for me….I never did learn how to program a VCR or for that matter, an oven timer.

If you are like me, thinking about how to take pictures of the moon over your cottage lake, I have to tell you, it’s not particularly easy, you need some special equipment to get a really good photo of the moon.

Here is a good explanation of what’s needed: How To Take Stunning Pictures of The Moon I

How To Take Pictures of The Moon

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