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In keeping with my recent theme, to help you find gifts for your family and friends, here is another, this one under the heading of Gifts For Women.

As a man, you know that buying gifts for women doesn’t always come easily. If you are like me, you probably have found yourself in the old Christmas Present Doghouse because you bought your wife or girlfriend something that she either didn’t want, or, let’s face it, you bought something you could use, and put her name on it…..oh lord I have done that… wasn’t pretty. Remember last Christmas, how our correspondent Lonesome Larry created the Christmas Fiasco?

So with that in mind here is a nice idea for a gift for women.

If you are going to be outside in any sort of inclimate weather, and your best girl is going to be with you, or if you send her out to the store in a snowstorm to get you a pizza, then she better be well dressed for it. Especially her feet, and no guys…I don’t mean sexy stiletto heel shoes.

Nope, buy your wife a pair of The Original MuckBoots Women’s Tack Classic Limited Edition Equestrian Boots

The waterproof rubber and fabric construction in the upper of these womens boots hugs your girls foot and calf, and provides her a warm, dry experience. And she will be sure footed on the way to get your pizza, because the rubber sole has lots of good traction on any surface.

Consider the above and then consider how good looking these women’s boots really are, and you just might avoid a week in the doghouse. Your best girl will be smiling at you whenever she slips on her knew stylish, comfortable high-performance all-weather boots.

The Tack Hi All-Conditions Equestrian Boot features a breathable airmesh lining, a flex-foam bootie, 4-way stretch nylon and natural rubber upper overlay. These boots are 100% waterproof, lightweight, and flexible.

You know she is gonna be happy when she unwraps this Christmas gift!!

The Original MuckBoots Women’s Tack Classic Limited Edition Equestrian Boot,Purple,7 B(M) US

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One thought on “Gifts For Women – Muckboots”

  1. If the pink ones feel nice on your feet I could imagine wearing them inside too if they are soft bottomed (which they look). Could I have found my 1st pair of practical “shoes”?!