Christmas Shopping

Ahhh…we’re a long way from the camp tonight. Yup, we are on the road here at The Cottage Chronicles on a tour of the Eastern United States and then back through Canada’s Capital of Ottawa, Ontario. We are seeing some country and more importantly, we are seeing some malls and stores…Yup, this is a shopping trip!!
It started on Thursday past, we left home loaded down with credit cards and United States cash on our way to Black Friday Shopping in Maine. By midnight, as we sat in the Walmart parking lot waiting for the doors to open, the excitement, the anticipation was palatable, you could taste the hunger for a bargain in the air. My U.S. dollars started to get hot in my pocket, and I swear, they started burning a hole.

Black Friday Begins

Just after midnight the flag dropped and we were busting down the doors of Walmart in Bangor, shopping carts in hand, heading for the bargains, one of these, two of those, and a bunch of that stuff. Then on to Kohls, Target, Kmart, Macy’s and a host of other stores all of them full of people and hardworking store staff who seemed to take the whole Black Friday fiasco in stride. One cashier told me it was the most fun night to work, just before she keeled over from exhaustion behind the cash. Fortunately they had backup staff ready, she was dragged to the side and quickly replaced by a fresh recruit.

The next few days are a bit of a blur, there were a lot of stores, a lot of merchandise looked at, and a lot of things to see and people to watch. I enjoy the people watching immensely. We were in some stores several times and each time seemed like we discovered something new.

Christmas Shopping Continues

Today we took leave of our friends who had to head home for work, and Wendy and I began phase 2 of the Odyssy, heading for Ottawa, Ontario to see our daughter and her boyfriend. Our route has taken us down the I95 to New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts, with a few stops along the way just to do some price checking in the stores.

I’ve made a few observations along the way:

1) There are a lot of vehicles in the United States and they all seem to be going somewhere in a heck of a hurry.
2) The staff in the stores, genuinely seem interested in helping you, not steadfastly ignoring you as in some other places that shall remain nameless.
3) Arby’s makes a pretty good lunch.
4) Most, if not all of the stores and malls have nice restrooms, clean and well looked after, unlike the restroom in a Dartmouth mall, where last time I was there, I discovered that someone had decided to take the doors off all the stalls in the mens room.

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