Buy Yaktrax® Pro Ice Creepers and Walk On Ice

Snow Coming Winter Is Here

As much as I hate to admit it, the weather is changing and winter is almost here. In fact, the weather forecast is predicting a possible 15-20 centimeters of snow to arrive here tomorrow.

Not exactly the kind of weather forecast I like to hear, especially this close to the ocean. That’s because although predicted snow often lands here in the form of rain, if it’s cold enough, that snow often becomes freezing rain. I can tell ya, I would much prefer six inches of snow to freezing rain.

While it can be tricky, getting around in snow is not usually impossible. But icy frozen, rain covered roads are slippery, for driving and for walking, often much worse than snow covered roads and sidewalks.

That’s why I dug out my Yaktrax this morning. I had to do some looking, but finally found them in the garage. I think they are among the handiest things you can have during winter.

Slip a pair of Yaktrax over your shoes or boots and they make the difference between slipping, sliding and falling, potentially hurting yourself, and getting around with no problem.

Yaktrax provide great walking traction on ice. The grip you get wearing Yaktrax is almost unbelievable.

I talk about various products here at The Cottage Chronicles some I recommend, some I don’t. Most of the time I put the product up and let you come to your own conclusions. Today this is different.

I am highly recommending Yaktrax. If you don’t have a pair, you need to buy a pair of Yaktrax® Pro today. Keep them in your pocket or purse until you need them. Trust me, if you are outdoors in Eastern North America, even walking the city sidewalks and streets, you will eventually need a pair of Yaktrax.

Yaktrax® Pro Ice Traction are made with high strength, abrasion resistant 1.4mm steel coils and heavy duty natural rubber. They conform to the shape of your boot or shoe and with its patented SkidLock coil design, the Yaktrax Pro provides 360 degrees of traction.

And they won’t slip off your shoes when you don’t want them to, because the Yaktrax® Pro has a nylon hook and loop strap to ensure a secure fit around your boots or shoes.

You can buy Yaktrax at most department stores and shoe stores, or you can order a pair from Amazon. Here is the link if you want to order a pair today: Yaktrax® Pro Ice Traction

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