Wyoming Plan To Deal With Coyotes

There has been a lot of talk about coyotes in Nova Scotia in the past year or two as the numbers of the wily coyote appear to have increased, and in fact, there have been many sightings of coyotes within the city boundaries, something that had folks on edge for quite awhile last year.

Well the coyote problem is not a singular problem to Nova Scotia. I guess it is safe to say it is a North American problem as the coyotes spread all over the continent.

For example, I offer this info that I came across “surfing the net” as my Dad says…..

It seems the Sierra Club and the United States Forest Service were having a meeting with Wyoming ranchers. Of course, because Wyoming ranchers are Wyoming ranchers, their solution to the problem had always been shooting or trapping the coyotes.

Naturally this didn’t sit well with some of the folks so the Sierra Club and the Forest Service came up with an alternative solution that they felt was more humane, and that was what they were presenting to the ranchers at the meeting.

The Sierra Club and the U.S. Forest Service Proposal For Dealing With Coyotes

The proposal involved catching the coyotes alive, then upon capture the males would be castrated and returned to the wild alive, although with perhaps a different perspective on things….I think they may have also had less of a desire to go near a human after something like that happening but I am digressing as usual.

Well after hearing the proposal the Wyoming ranchers, being well…Wyoming ranchers, all pushed their white stetson hats back on their heads and thought about this plan for a couple of minutes. The Sierra Club and U.S. Forest Service representatives were no doubt excited as they watched the ranchers contemplate what they thought was a great idea.

After a few minutes of silence, because Wyoming ranchers are like all ranchers and cowboys a thoughtful bunch, finally an older gentleman in a big cowboy hat, weathered barn coat, Levi’s and cowboy boots stood up.

He pushed his hat back a little further and looked the Sierra Club and the Forest Service spokesperson in the eye with that steely look that only an old Wyoming rancher can do, before saying: “Son, I don’t think you understand our problem here… these coyotes ain’t f**kin’ our sheep… they’re eatin’ ’em!”

The meeting never really got back to order…

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