Cover Pontoon Boat For Winter

Winterize Pontoon Boat

Another day and the pontoon boat is a little closer to being ready for the rigors of winter. I cover our boat as part of my process to winterize pontoon boat for winter to keep the snow and rain from getting on it. It seemed kind of silly to winterize the pontoon boat today, considering the temperature was somewhere around 20 celcius, sunny and a great looking day for boating. Someone even went by water skiing.

However, my pontoon boat is high and dry and I am committed to finishing the winterizing job of putting a cover on pontoon boat.

Yesterday I got the pontoon boat up on shore and blocked up and the outboard motor winterized. Today I started building the frame for the tarps that I am going to use to cover the boat in for winter.

Boat covers are important to protect any type of boat if it is left outdoors for the winter season. Covering the boat with a boat top of some sort and pontoon covers will help protect it from the riguers of the cold, rain, snow, and even the sun’s rays, which can play havoc on some things like paint and boat seat fabric.

The first thing I did was remove the pontoon boat canopy and fold the frame down and tie it up so it won’t move.

I used a couple of sawhorses the previous pontoon boat owner had graciously given me, along with some assorted boards that I had on hand, including a couple full sheets of plywood. Before I was finished, it looked like I had added a second story to the boat. But then, I never said I was handy at anything. (read my disclaimer)

The sawhorses will keep the tarp up off the boat and serve as a frame that will help to keep the snow from laying on the tarp and pulling it down into the boat where it will form ice.

A couple sheets of plywood lay atop the sawhorses and then I put the board shown below on top of the plywood. It’s upside down in the picture, but it is designed to hold the board on edge to create a bit of a “peak” to allow rain to run off the tarp.

The main thing about this kind of project is to have fun. Building stuff is fun. Fooling around with ropes and tarps, that is fun. Beats the heck out of spending the day in a boardroom.

I got-er-done and when the tarp finally went on, it looked pretty good, although the tarp is a teeny-weeny bit too small…uh-oh…Well it’s not the end of the world, I’ve got lots of tarps around here and they haven’t stopped making them, so I will just add another one to finish the job. It’s kind of a work in progress.

I am starting to look at it like a sculpture…a work of art…labour of love. I might add a couple more, maybe four or five. I like fooling around with tarps….

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