Tow Strap

Over the years I have been towed out of a lot of mud….I remember one occasion on a salmon fishing trip that it required the services of a front end loader and a tow strap to get my vehicle, at that time an International Scout, out of a mud hole I had somehow managed to get buried in.

That was kind of tense for a little while, especially when the front end loader operator suggested it might be easier for him just to bury the little truck instead of pulling it out.

As I recall, at the time the vehicle had mud up to the doors and looked pretty pathetic sitting there in the mud. I probably didn’t look much better having just crawled out of the vehicle and the mud hole. Oh the trials of youth… I might have just sat there until I finally sunk.

But he did, and I have been appreciative ever since. He didn’t charge me to do it either, which was a real bonus. I think he figured I had suffered enough having had to walk about 5 miles on a hot summer day to get out of the woods. Good luck, which had left me briefly that day when I got stuck, returned when I came across his house with the loader in the yard. Somedays are diamonds.

Considering getting stuck, whether that be in mud or snow is not that hard to do, it pays to have a good heavy duty tow strap in your vehicle. That way if you are lucky enough to have someone around to tow you back to solid ground, you will have a suitable tow strap for the purpose.

A well made heavy duty tow strap is stronger than most rope and easier to store, while at the same time being much lighter to carry than the equivalent in chain. 30 feet of tow chain would require quite a bit of space to store it, not to mention that it would add considerable weight to the vehicle.

Here is a pretty good looking rugged tow strap with a 30,000 pound strength, and it’s 30 feet long which is convenient, and safer, allowing a good distance between the tow vehicle and the vehicle being towed.

30,000 pounds capacity means this is strong enough to tow just about any vehicle that gets stuck. These would also come in handy for pulling the wharf out of the water in the fall as well. You can find out more about it here: Smittybilt CC330 3″ x 30′ Recovery Strap – 30,000 lb Capacity

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