Time To Protect Our Water Resources

After the heavy rain we had yesterday, and the high water we had in our cottage lake a couple weeks ago, it seems like bad timing to be talking about water shortages. I guess I haven’t managed to perfect my timing.

However, I was reading an article on the CBC News website today (Growing Population Will Tap Water Resources) about how the worlds ever growing population is going to be needing and using more and more water in the coming years.

People Need Water

You will recall a previous post that reported the world’s population is now estimated to be 7 Billion People Well those 7 billion people need a lot of water. It’s not just the water that we drink either, it is the water we use for everyday life and in particular, the water used for agriculture which, according to the CBC News story, accounts for 70 per cent of the water used every year.

Put two and two together, a growing world population, and their need for food, hence agriculture, and you have enormous demands on water resources.

Canada Has Lots Of Water…Or Do We?

Water is something that we as Canadians believe we have in great abundance, but that isn’t necessarily true. According to Changing the Flow: A Blueprint For Federal Action On Water, written by The Gordon Group, we actually only have 6.5% of the world’s water supply. And, because most of our water flows north, and most of us live in the south, a lot of our freshwater is actually not easy to access, even by us.

Water Water Everywhere and Nary A Drop To Drink

Add the affects of pollution, acid rain and water that is undrinkable, for one reason or another, natural arsenic for example, into the mix, and you soon figure out that even though we appear to have water, water-water everywhere, in actual fact we may be deluding ourselves about the amount of water that will be available for generations to come.

And even if we do have lots of freshwater, we are going to need to develop a workable plan and a program to protect and manage that water, because as the rest of the world’s water resources dwindle under ever increasing demand, our water is going to be wanted by those who don’t have their own supplies.

Now, while we have lots of water, is the time to get this on the agenda and minds of our legislators. And, because I am on a bit of a conservation message kick, might as well remind you that today is as good as any day to plant a tree !!

CBC News: Growing Population Will Tap Water Resources

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