Swimming In October At The Cottage

Ok, I am starting to buy into this whole global warming stuff now for sure. It’s Thanksgiving Weekend, October 10th and it is like summer. I am really starting to wonder if I am in some kind of time warp or something. These past few days have been magnificent weather wise, making me sorry I put away the pontoon boat so soon. This would have been a great weekend for a pontoon boat cruise.

So how warm was it? Well it was warm enough that when Jancy and David dropped in today, Jancy and I went swimming!! Swimming in the lake in October. Unheard of for me, I seldom swim except maybe sometime around the 1-5 of August provided we are in the middle of a heat wave. So swimming in October is fantastic to say the least. And that is following some heavy rain last week that brought the lake levels up, which traditionally means the water will be colder.

Ahh but it didn’t stop us hardy souls, dedicated swimmers, Canadians, proud and free in the True North….Up here we laugh at the cooler temps and jump right in the water. We have photo’s taken for the cottage scrapbook so years from now our descendents will look at the pics and see us swimming in October, a picture is worth a thousand words as proof, so here is the proof, here is a picture of Jancy and I swimming today in October:

Unfortunately when Wendy took the picture I must have been diving underwater…..

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3 thoughts on “Swimming In October At The Cottage”

  1. October is a little too close to winter for us to go swimming at our place here in Manitoba. The water in our lake isn’t all that warm at the best of time, even in summer. You are fortunate to have good weather so late into the fall.

  2. Wasn’t this a great weekend? Hard to believe the weather would be so good right to Thanksgiving weekend. We were in swimming at our place too, but no one had sense enough to take a picture.