Rain Songs

It’s raining…raining and raining, according to the weather report, here in Nova Scotia we are in for some heavy rain tonight and tomorrow, accompanied by some high winds as well. Always a worry when you have a boat in the lake tied to a wharf somewhere. The rain doesn’t worry me much because there is nowhere on a our Starcraft Pontoon Boat that it can fill up with water and sink. However, the high winds are always a concern, especially with a canvas canopy that is sitting up there nice and high, just waiting for the wind to tear it off.

However…what can ya do. No sense in getting into a panic, just gotta sit back, relax and enjoy the rain. And perhaps a nice rain song…like this one from the legendary Ronnie Milsap, This is Smokey Mountain Rain.

That song, written by Kye Fleming and Dennis Morgan was a big hit for Ronnie Milsap in 1980 also became Tennessee’s eighth state song as a result of action by the Tennessee General Assembly on June 3, 2010. Number 8…means there are 7 more “state songs in Tennessee. Cool.

Before hitting the big time in his own right, Ronnie Milsap, a trained pianist, worked as a session musician in Nashville with several of the hottest acts of the day. During those days, he added his musical talents as a session musician for Elvis Presley, with Elvis’ 1970 hit, written by Eddie Rabbitt, another song about endless rain, Kentucky Rain.

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3 thoughts on “Rain Songs”

  1. How hard did it rain you ask ??? Cats & Dogs! Buckets ! It couldn’t rain no harder ! Harder ‘n I ever seen it ! Couldn’t see a hand before ya ! Commin’ down in sheets ! Quite a shower ! Bouncin’off the pavement ! This’ll keep the dust down ! It put dents in the camp roof ! I’m glad this ain’t snow ! There must be more phrases out there that readers have heard—— that are printable. Nothing really bad here in SENB as far as weather goes but no doubt there will be a few culverts washed out and the high wind behind high tide will change a bit of coastline. Fun times in the maritimes!!!

  2. It did, the water is up!!! Way up from what it was, your wharf is pretty much under water. I am going to put a rope on it, claim it as “salvage” and tow it home to my place.