Loon Decorations

From time to time I think about interior decorating. Yup, I do, although some of you may find that difficult to believe. But I have a passing interest in interior cottage decor, specifically around the camp.

I love it when a camp has cool stuff on the walls, like pictures of fishing and hunting trips, old advertising signs for outdoor activities, or stuff about wildlife. I know some cottagers who decorate individual rooms in their cottages and camps with a theme.

For example, someone might have the “Whitetail” bedroom while another room might contain decorations relating to moose or waterfowl. You get the idea. There is something nice about a room or entire camp that has decorations appropriate to the outside surroundings.

Loon Decorations

Well nothing says waterfront cottage like loons say “waterfront cottage” Actually loons say it sort of like this, waterrrrrrrrrrrrrfronnnnnnnnnnnnnnt cotttttage, waterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfronnnnnnt cottage…but you know what I mean. The common loon is a fixture on northern cottage lakes. Who hasn’t heard their haunting calls, especially in the night, the sound drifting across the water before being answered by another loon on the other side of the lake.

So with cottage decor in mind and following the idea of decorating the camp with various rooms displaying a nice cottagey theme, I thought we might look at some loon decorations. There are lots of loon decorations available, making it possible to create a loon themed room with several loon decorations.

For starters, how about this 28 inch x 40 inch Family of Loons House Flag which makes a lovely addition to the loon decorations in the camp.

This would certainly make it apparent that a room has a “loon’ theme to it’s decor.

Here is another loon flag, this one where the loons are clearly on a Northern Lake, This is a New Light Loons Garden Flag

Here’s some more loon decorations that will help to spice up a cottage with a loon motif and bring some outdoors indoors.

Patch Magic 27-Inch by 21-Inch Loon Pillow Sham

Loons, Set of 4 Sandstone Coasters by Thirstystone

Patch Magic Loon Round Rug, 36-Inch Diameter

American Expedition Wall Clock Loon

Loons in the Mist Cutting Board – Medium

Loon Playing Cards

Loon Crossing 12″ X 12″ Aluminum Sign

Decorative Framed Mirror Wall Decor With Loon Etched Mirror – Loon Decor – Unique Loon Gift Ideas – Ready To Hang – Your choice of two popular sizes

Loons Single Lightswitch Cover

26″H Loon Table Lamp

Monazite WEL-116-L Loon Welcome Sign LG Powder Coated

Loons Throw – 70 x 53 Blanket/Throw

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