Lake High Water

Holy Highwater Batman!! The lake level is up, way up from a couple of days ago. I estimate it to be up about 3 feet on my rock wall along the shoreline. And so fast, it’s kind of worrysome actually considering it is probably still rising. I wouldn’t be surprised we are going to have a repeat of last year around this time when the water rose up over the wall and threatened to float the camp away.

We arrived to find the floating wharf still intact but pretty much up to the top of the pipes that hold it in place, the pontoon boat and the aluminum boat are OK. Not taking any chances though, I used the high water opportunity to pull the pontoon boat out of the water and get it up on shore, high and dry. Now tomorrow I can get it wrapped up for winter. I bought the second biggest tarp I have ever seen this afternoon. Tomorrow I will get the boat prepared to withstand the long winter ahead. I’ll take pictures I promise.

Here is a picture taken today looking across the point towards our correspondent Lonesome Larry’s. Let’s hope tomorrow the water is down a bit, not up any higher.

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2 thoughts on “Lake High Water”

  1. Got here after dark, it must have rained a bit by the look of the lake. It’s great to be back sort of roughing it with the wood stove and rubber boots ,a stinkin’ wet huntin’dog , sat. TV {swamp people is on} supper heating in the MW oven, Crown Royal over new ice cubes from the ice maker , and a laptop connection to the world , things sure have changed at the “camp” since my hair turned gray.

  2. Hey Lonesome, sounds like the makings of a good fall weekend at the camp !! I just finished a Crown Royal over ice ! And yes, the times are a changing since your hair got gray. Thankfully mine is still a youthful shade of charteuse…in the light of the setting sun of course.