In His Domain Painting by Robert Duncan

In my humble opinion, humble…yet learned and wise in my advancing years, I have come to appreciate and realize how a few “outdoorsy” decorations can make a camp or cottage infinitely more interesting. I am not good at this at all, for one thing because Wendy tends to complain that me adding stuff to the “cottage decor” usually results in me adding stuff to the camp that she ultimately ends up having to clean or dust…I know…I Know…it’s not right, but what can I do, she is very good looking and has me under a spell….

In His Domain by Robert Duncan

However, if I could break the spell I would have this fabulous In His Domain Robert Duncan 36×30 Gallery Quality Framed Art Moose Wildlife Picture Painting hanging on the wall, right beside the moose antlers that I have there now, and the fly fishing picture and the neon bar light and the partridge, crow and pheasant tail feathers that I have collected and the cute little framed cartoon that I drew and the old “antique” spinning rod and reel and the souvenir soccer banner that I brought back from Scotland when I was there in 1971. I would also move the stereo speakers that I mounted on the wall a few years ago but never got around to hooking up to the stereo.

Bull Moose In His Domain

This painting, called In His Domain by Robert Duncan, shows a bull moose, actually “in his domain” beside a backwoods lake, the kind of place that moose like to live.

Yup, I would even move the rustic framed mirror that I got from a friend who was selling his stuff, and the six point whitetail deer antlers from a deer I bagged a few years ago back behind the camp…I would move that stuff in order to hang this very attractive, eye catching, thought provoking wilderness painting of In His Domain by Robert Duncan, a bull moose on the wall….gotta love that….

Yup…I would love to have this beautiful picture hanging on the wall at the camp, but Wendy doesn’t let me put stuff on the walls at the camp……

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