Hurricane Ophelia and Fall Ramblings

Well here it is October already. If you were doing what I was doing and that is pretending it’s still summer, that is going to become a little more difficult to do from now forward. For one thing, the damn leaves are going to change color, look beautiful for a little while and then die and fall off the trees leaving everything looking like a scene from a group shower in a senior citizens home…grey and bare.

Yup, the daylight hours are getting a little fewer in number and the temperatures, although not too bad today, will start to drop now, especially at night.

Swimming isn’t going to be much fun from here on, in fact I don’t think I will go swimming anymore this summer unless of course some good looking woman wants me to go skinny dipping with her. In which case….well…what can I say, except “Geronimooooo!!!!!” as I jump off the wharf.

It’s not time to panic yet, but soon those of us with cottages and camps with running water are going to have to begin the dreaded disconnecting the water pump and winterizing the cottage routine. A routine that pales in comparison with it’s opposite routine, the much anticipated and enjoyed, connecting the water pump and opening the cottage routine.

As routines go, I much prefer the connecting to the disconnecting.

Forgive me if I go off on a tangeant, but you know how I get sometimes. It seems to me that cottage season is like a marriage.

In the Spring, all is great, the relationship is full of newness and excitement as you turn on the water or turn on your new spouse. Summer is the midpoint when all is rosy, things are great and frankly, everyone is too busy to notice any problems. But then comes fall….like the words to “Are You Lonesome Tonight”, “Then came act 2, using the change, you acted strange…why I never knew.”

The leaves fall, stuff gets put away rather roughly, and we turn our backs on the lake and the cold winds blowing from it, moving on to other things….well…OK not really a very good comparison, but I tried….you go ahead, try to do better…

Now where was I ??? Oh yes, waxing poetically on autumn…..

Hurricane Ophelia

Here in Nova Scotia we are under a bit a hurricane watch, Hurricane Ophelia is going to pour some water on us if the hurricane trackers are on the money in terms of their forecast. It’s supposed to pass Nova Scotia today, (Sunday October 2, 2011) but far enough off the coast to not bring us anything other than rain. Those of you in Newfoundland might get hit a little harder. Keep your fingers crossed.

Of course if Hurricane Ophelia turns and heads for Nova Scotia that will likely be the end of the autumn colors. Hurricane high winds and rain do a number on hardwood tree leaves.

On another note, I spent today putting up a little fence that I intend to use to protect my boats and some other outdoor stuff from the north-east winds that will soon be blowing down the lake. A friend of mine brought me some boards from a fence he had taken down, and you know me, can’t let anything I scrounge go to waste.

Those boards burned a hole in my pocket all summer as I debated what I was going to do with them.

They were too good to use for firewood, so I held off until I had a plan, and my plan ended up being a small fence. We’ll see how that works out over the winter. It rained all day today, but it was a warm rain, and it wasn’t a hard rain, so I kept working, because Lord knows I am on a timetable with not much free time. I am hoping it will act as a windbreak.

Probably blow down tomorrow in Hurricane Ophelia……

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