High Water 2011

What goes around comes around I guess, around and around and around. We are in the midst of some pretty high lake water conditions here at the camp. We had a good deal of rain earlier in the week and it has filled Lake Charlotte to over capacity. Wharves and stuff are floating around the lake escaping from their homes, floating away to what a wharf must perceive as “freedom” Although, on sober second thought, I doubt very much that a wharf has any ability to perceive anything…it’s a wharf…

Folks are talking about how high the lake is, and when they last saw it this high which to some was years ago, to others, well not so long ago. Last year, shortly after we had some landscaping work done, we had a big rainstorm similar to the one we had this week. The lake came up and up and up and my new topsoil disappeared with the rising water. There wasn’t much I could do about it, so I took some pictures.

Here is the lake last November (2011) when it had peaked at it’s highest for that particular storm, stopping more or less just as it reached the deck we have on the shoreline.

Here is the water at it’s peak today, October 22, 2011. As you can see, it has come up around the back of the deck this year.

Here is the pontoon boat in a picture taken October 17, 2011.

Here is a picture of our boat launch area today, October 22, 2011. As you can see the water is starting to surround the pontoon boat where it is pulled up for winter.

Here is a picture of the same area taken last year, without the pontoon boat in the way. It’s reached to about the same area as last year’s high water event.

I’m kicking myself now for now taking some better pics, especially last year, but it looks to me that this year’s October High Water Event is about on par with November last year, perhaps a teensy-weensy bit higher. Last year we suffered a little more because the high water was accompanied by strong East winds which pushed the water up on the shore and pounded the shoreline. This year, so far, and thankfully, the wind has been mostly southerly, and offshore, (off our shore, can’t say the same for the folks on the other side of the lake)
Here is a side view taken today of the boat ramp area. You’ll notice the top of the rocks are just visible.

Here is a picture from 5 days ago of essentially the same view. Notice the big rock on the end is a out of the water at least a couple of feet.

One thing about high water conditions here on the lake, it makes the lake look bigger than ever !!

You can see more pictures of the high water and other cottage pictures on The Cottage Chronicles Facebook

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One thought on “High Water 2011”

  1. I take the motor off the boat & put it on the dock & 45 min. later We are at Carl’s. This year I started out in the early A M but the fog was thick!! But no fear as I had two navigators to tell me continually that I am lost.. Don ,my mate says ”can’t you see the sun??? you have circled all around it several times.!! My Grandaughter asks, were is the GPS. Well thank God the fog lifted & an hour later we are safely at the Camp. I can’t believe my eyes. Even in high water I transfer the motor somewhere close to the shore. NOT THIS YEAR !!!!!! We float the dock around to the back yard, Approximately 80 ft. from the shor & I stand on my Back Patio step to transfer the motor. The cottage is on telephone posts cut to size & in the back yard they are about 30 inches high. Another 5 inches & the floor of the Cottage would have been in water. Anyway all is well & the dock is at Carl’s,,,,My sunk boat is floating nicely ,,, The new boat trailor is fixed up & ready to go So Another day of Cottage life enjoyed!!! The adventure continues ha ha