Groovelock Pliers Adjustable Pliers

I have written about the benefits of Groovelock pliers previously but some hand tools are just too good not to mention occasionally. I bought a Irwin Industrial Tools 2078110 10-Inch GrooveLock Pliers about four years ago. Since then I don’t start very many jobs without having these adjustable pliers handy. Particularly if I am crawling under the camp to work on the plumbing or working on the wharf. The groovelock pliers are so easy to use and adjust they make any job a little easier.

Since the Groovelock pliers have become an indispensible tool around the camp and home too for that matter. I find them particularly useful when hooking up the water pump in the Spring and disconnecting the water pump in the Fall. And of course they are also useful the rest of the year, great for putting the wharf together, or working around the boat.

These Groovelock pliers have some features that put them among the best pliers available. They come in very handy for tightening and un-tightening stuff, and are somewhat quicker to use than an adjustable wrench.

**Press and slide button quickly adjusts lower jaw
**All purpose jaw grips on round, flat, square and hex shapes
**More groove positions provide the optimum hand location for a better grip on the work piece
**ProTouch Grips provide extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue
**Ratcheting action allows GrooveLock to be adjusted from the open position up to the work piece by pushing the handle up – no need to press the button

GrooveLock pliers are great for a multitude of tasks around the camp and they are available in a variety of sizes with straight, smooth, and V-shaped jaws.

Right now you can own these handy Groovelock pliers for well under $20, Here is the link to order a pair:Irwin Industrial Tools 2078110 10-Inch GrooveLock Pliers

Along with all the handyman uses for my Groovelock pliers, I also use mine to pick up my son Kevin’s smelly sneakers when he leaves them in the camp….

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