Fuel Stabilizer and Fogging Spray

Fuel Stabilizer Is Important

I frequently talk about the importance of using a fuel stabilizer in small engines and outboard motors, here is what I use in all my outboard motor gasoline. It’s called STA-BIL 22240 Marine Fuel Stabilizer – 32 oz.I’ve had good luck with this product and far less trouble with hard starting of the engine or gummed up carburators since I started using fuel stabilizer in all the gas.

Fuel stabilizer does not cost a lot of money and a little bit of fuel stabilizer goes a long way. Makes me wonder why fuel suppliers don’t add stabilizer to the fuel they sell.

This fuel stabilizer contains more than 4 times the fuel system cleaner than in regular STA-BIL and twice the corrosion preventer. Using this stabilizer is not just for seasonal storage of outboard engines, it improves marine engine performance year- round and can be used for all 2 cycle and 4 cycle gasoline and diesel engines.

Marine Engine Fogging Oil

While we are talking about outboard motors and seasonal storage of outboard motors, STA-BIL also makes a product designed for storage fogging of marine engines. STA-BIL 22001 Fogging Oil coats the internal engine components to prevent corrosion. STA-Bil fogging oil displaces moisture to and lubricates cylinder damage (scuffing) during start up.
STA-BIL 22240 Marine Fuel Stabilizer – 32 oz.

STA-BIL 22001 Fogging Oil – 12 av. oz.

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