CPR Training For Cottagers

Those of us who spend a lot of time outdoors, around our cottage and camps are frequently quite a distance away from First Responders and Emergency Medical Services. We are also frequently doing things we might not do normally, such as pulling on wharves and heavy boats, splitting firewood, digging up septic tank covers by hand etc. We are often also approaching middle age, middle age or past middle age. In other words, we are sometimes candidates for heart attacks and cardiac arrests. Not to scare you, but stuff happens.

At the cottage we are also often with only a few people, maybe our spouse or a friend or neighbor. If something unexpected happens, it’s good to be prepared. And if the “stuff” happens to you…well it is good to be with someone who is prepared.

One way we can be prepared is to get trained how to perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) on someone who’s heart and breathing has stopped because of Cardiac Arrest) There are many places to obtain CPR training, there are online cpr courses I suppose, but usually CPR courses are offered through The Red Cross and other organizations who provide First Aid Training.

Recently the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians have released a statement indicating that we have a “moral responsibility” to perform CPR on someone needing it, even if we have not had training.

The ER Docs, (who I have great respect for btw) are also calling for CPR to become mandatory training during high school and asking the Government to provide a 100% tax rebate to cover the cost of a course for anyone who completes recognized CPR training.

“It must become a moral obligation and a social expectation that bystanders will perform CPR when they witness cardiac arrest,” The general population must come to understand that cardiac resuscitation is much more likely to be successful when CPR is started promptly, and the victims of cardiac arrest will almost certainly die if lay witnesses do not intervene.”

Essentially the doctors are saying that in an emergency, you should attempt CPR on a person suffering a cardiac arrest, even if you don’t have CPR certification, recognized CPR training, or haven’t taken a CPR course.

You can read the full story at the Vancouver Sun

There are lot’s of videos on YouTube demonstrating CPR, some better than others. However for all intents and purposes, and certainly not a substitution for proper approved training, watching a video is better than nothing at all. At least you might remember the basics of CPR. It’s not that difficult to do, although with the added pressure of a person potentially dying, having some training would be helpful.

I looked around the internet and found the following video which, although I cannot say if it is perfect, seems to do a pretty good job at explaining and demonstrating CPR. I suggest you watch this, and then consider getting some formal training.

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