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Has anyone else noticed that television shows based on car reviews and truck reviews almost never say anything negative about the vehicles tested?

Oh sure, some of them throw in some minor issue to make it sound authentic, usually something completely insignificant like, “I don’t like where they put the cup holders.” That’s supposed to make us believe it is an unbiased, completely above-board review, when in actual fact, I think most of these car review shows and newspaper and magazine articles are actually nothing more than just big old advertisements.

It’s like having a car salesperson in your living room. I know, because on some level, I do similar things here…come to think of it, I am doing it now…..oh well….let’s keep going shall we?

Think about it, with the possible exception of Consumer Reports who purchase the vehicles they test, most of these shows are dependent on car manufacturers supplying them with vehicles to test and make into a television show or magazine article where they can sell advertising. The hosts and writers are always quite careful as to what they say about a particular vehicle.

There is no way I can accept that automotive writers love all the cars they test, anymore than I love every vehicle I drive or drive in as a passenger.

The only way I can justify the predominently positive reviews and comments is that the reviewers must be overwhelmed with “new car smell” Let’s face it, who can resist the interior scent of a new car? If vehicle manufacturers bottled that and sold it as perfume, oh my I hate to think what would happen….

I’d like to hear one of these automotive writers say something like  “This vehicle is pure crap, no power, hard on fuel, requires daily maintenance, or “leave this truck in the dealer showroom and go look for something else.”

Of course it is unlikely any automobile journalists are going to do much of that, as it wouldn’t be a good move for someone relying on the car manufacturers to supply them with cars and trucks to test drive for their television program or magazine articles. I get that, it’s their business and if they want to stay in business, that’s pretty much what they have to do.

Couple that with the fact that many of the articles are written using “press kits” supplied by the vehicle manufacturers, and what gets reported is pretty much what the manufacturers want you to know.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports on the other hand, purchase the vehicles they test and don’t accept advertising. Their reviews are typically straightforward accounts of the vehicles tested, and include long term tests, something most of the others don’t provide.

Consumer Reports also do something I like, which is that they compare similar vehicles, engines to engines so to speak. For example they might include testing of several comparable economy vehicles in the same issue, or luxury vehicles, or four wheel drive vehicles…or…well you get the idea.

In addition the good folks at Consumer Reports produce a yearly report on all the vehicles they tested, which is a great way to compare a large number of vehicles if you are thinking of purchasing a car or truck.

I admit, I am a bit of a vehicle buff, I like vehicles, at least as much as the next guy or girl, but among vehicles there are some that I don’t like, either the look of the vehicle, or the mechanics of it.

Even things as basic as the feel of the steering wheel or friggin’ slippery leather seats, (don’t ya just hate slipping and sliding and trying to hang on in a vehicle with leather seats, give me a break, leather seats should be outlawed.

I think it’s funny that people who have leather seats think they got something special. I usually say, “couldn’t afford fabric seats eh?” but I am digressing….)

These days, how can anyone not be at least a little cognizant of the price of the vehicle as well as the cost of ownership, including fuel mileage, recalls, safety problems? There is lots of valuable information in Consumer Reports.

I look forward to receiving the annual auto issue each year as well as the regular monthy issues. It’s not all about vehicles either, Consumer Reports evaluates a vast array of products ranging from automobiles to microwave ovens, from frozen dinners to insurance policies and more, lot’s more.

Here is a photo of yours truly holding several issues of Consumer Reports that we have around the camp. The muscle shirt I am wearing is just to add some gratutitous “spice” to this post…I tried to get Wendy to pose but she is saving her modelling skills for when I write about something like a new truck.

In the interests of honesty and disclosure, I will tell you that I get a small affiliate commission should you end up purchasing a subscription. However, I want you to know, that even if I didn’t, I would still promote Consumer Reports, because I believe in what they do and trust their reports and product reviews.

In fact, because of that, I am going to provide you with two links, one where I get a commission if you subscribe to Consumer Reports and one where I don’t. Feel free to choose the one where I don’t get a commission if you prefer.

Either way, you can receive Consumer Reports, 13 annual issues, and learn all about what’s good and and what isn’t.

Here is the link direct to Consumer Reports Website where you can subscribe and I don’t get paid. Consumer Reports

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